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Data-driven decision-making is important when it comes to raising funds and retaining donors, but data analysis can be difficult for development staff.

We all know that the data extraction > Excel > pivot table > data normalization > graphing process can be time-consuming and imperfect. What if there was a better answer?

Watch Fíonta’s presentation focused on how nonprofit organizations can pair CRM Analytics (formally Tableau CRM) with their existing Salesforce data to gain powerful, actionable insight into fundraising and development efforts. CRM Analytics helps you spot trends faster, collaborate with your team better, and sharpen your focus on activities that show meaningful returns with prospects and donors.

In the video, we share some use cases for CRM Analytics specific to nonprofit fundraising, discuss additional improvements still to come, and talk about how to get started.


Erika McNichol

Erika McNichol

VP, Business Development, Fíonta

Erika has over 15 years working with nonprofit and association clients, helping them envision, solve, and implement mission-critical technology.

In previous roles at Blackbaud and Community Brands, she led key initiatives around product launches, driving double-digit revenue growth. She has been in the Salesforce ecosystem since 2011, holds a PMP certification, and is a certified Salesforce Administrator, Nonprofit Cloud Consultant, and Pardot Specialist.

She is a graduate of the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas and her career includes leadership roles in product development, delivery, and partnerships.

David Manuel

David Manuel

Senior Technical Architect, Fíonta

David is a 14x Salesforce Certified Salesforce architect, problem-solver, and activist. He loves to solve thorny problems in novel domains, expose hidden connections, and leverage a little to achieve a lot.

David joined Fíonta from a career in the nonprofit sector, having worked for over a decade in the LGBTQ-equality movement in operations roles ranging from the IT help-desk to the boardroom. Some of his proudest moments at Fíonta included his work with the National Alliance on Mental Illness and Earthworks.