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Webinar Details

Salesforce introduced its Outbound Funds Module (OFM) back in 2020, and since then this free tool has been implemented by many organizations to manage outgoing grants and awards. But how do you know if OFM might be right for your organization? And what precisely can you do with it?

Join Fíonta for an hour-long webinar focused on the nuts and bolts of OFM. We talk about what kinds of funding programs OFM can track, the type of requests you can accept, and how you can leverage OFM for better engagement with your applicants and award recipients. We also demo key OFM functionality and answer your specific questions about the module.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn about what OFM can offer your organization when it comes to organizing and tracking key funding programs.
  • Gain insight into key OFM functionality, including automation opportunities and built-in reporting.
  • Develop action items for your team to evaluate OFM for your own purposes and understand what implementing OFM on top of your existing Salesforce instance requires.

This webinar is the first of a two-part series focused on foundations. Our second session, Let’s Talk About Grants Management, is now available on-demand: Registration is required


Erika May McNichol

Cooper Westbrook

Salesforce Consultant, Fíonta

Cooper Westbrook is a Salesforce consultant with a passion for automation and User Experience (UX). He loves identifying those unspoken needs that make a significant impact for nonprofit and association teams and is in much demand for his documentation and training skills.

Cooper holds a BFA in Media & Performing Arts from SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design) and began his Salesforce journey at Custom Ink, where he was able to dive into an admin role headfirst. He is a Salesforce Certified Administrator, Advanced Administrator, Nonprofit Cloud Consultant, Sales Cloud Consultant, Service Cloud Consultant, and Platform App Builder.