Value-based digital strategy:
How research, measurement, and experimentation unlocks impact


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Many organizations struggle with determining the return on investment of their digital efforts. Enter the value-based design framework—a set of strategic tactics that ties the structure, systems, copy, and design elements of any digital effort to organizational economic outcomes. The proper application of user research, measurements, and experiments will help you understand what is truly valuable to your members and how you can unlock more value for both members and your organization itself.

Kailee Quinn

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Kailee Quinn Senior UX/UI Consultant

Kailee combines technical and analytical skills with creative ability and a love of people to produce user experiences that are both visually appealing and human-centered, helping Fíonta’s clients better serve their audiences. Kailee received her B.F.A. in graphic design from Chapman University and has a decade of experience designing solutions for hundreds of clients, each with unique challenges and goals. Kailee has worked with Fíonta since 2014 and has since become a certified Salesforce Admin so that she can better understand and design for the user experience of Salesforce interfaces.